The following Education Pricing* is available to academic institutions using ICONS simulation(s) as a component of secondary, undergraduate, and/or graduate instruction.

ICONS offers two different payment options for simulations from our catalog: student pay and instructor pay.

Option A: Student Pay

Individual students pay a fee (similar to a lab fee or supplemental text fee) online by credit card in order to participate in an ICONS simulation scheduled by their instructor.**

Fee: $13 per student

Option B: Instructor Pay

The instructor pays a fee for an entire class' participation in a simulation. Instructors may pay online by credit card or elect to receive an invoice by mail.

Fee: $225 for up to 25 students; $13 for each additional student.


Please contact the ICONS Project main office by phone at (301) 405-4172 or by e-mail at with any questions about ICONS simulations.

* As part of our commitment to making simulation exercises accessible to instructors and students, the ICONS Project provides simulations to academic institutions at a significant discount off of the standard ICONS training and policy simulation prices. The Education Pricing above reflects this discount. For more information on simulations for non-academic use, visit ICONS Training Simulations or ICONS Policy Simulations.

** The "student pay" option is not available to secondary schools.

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