"Piracy off the Somali Coast" Simulation

Piracy off the Somali Coast


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  • 8 roles
  • Role sheets included
  • Teams of 3 - 5 students per role (recommended)

Length of Simulation:

  • Flexible; Set by instructor

ICONSnet Features:
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  • Resources
  • Messages
  • My Team
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When pirate activity in the Indian Ocean wreaks havoc on the world's shipping industry, this simulation challenges students to participate in tense negotiations on the international response to this growing "business."

The simulation's eight roles include: the European Union, France, the United States, Kenya, and the government of Puntland, as well as the U.N. Office of Drugs and Crime, the International Chamber of Commerce, and a coalition of Pirate Bosses. Can these groundbreaking negotiations produce a deal to address the human and economic dilemmas at the heart of piracy in Somalia? Or will they end inconclusively, returning to the status quo of ever greater danger in the world's shipping lanes? Appropriate for courses in international negotiation, development, and global issues, among others.

A scenario is provided along with a private role sheet to give students additional information about their assigned role's positions and interests. This simulation includes an opportunity for students to develop, debate, and vote on specific proposal plans to address the issues in the scenario. Students build proposal plans using a series of pre-loaded options. This simulation emphasizes long-term negotiation, however, it offers the instructor opportunities to bring in elements of crisis response within the larger framework.

NOTE: The scenario for this simulation is set in late 2010 during the height of piracy activity off the coast of Somalia. A real-world update on the current piracy situation is provided at the conclusion of the simulation.

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Technical Requirements

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