"Crisis in North Korea" Simulation

Crisis in North Korea


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  • 6 roles
  • Role sheets included
  • Teams of 3 - 6 students per role (recommended)

Length of Simulation:

  • Flexible; Set by instructor

ICONSnet Features:
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  • Resources
  • Messages
  • My Team
  • Actions

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Explore the complexities of negotiating an end to a crisis in an atmosphere of mutual suspicion and mistrust. This simulation places students in the roles of key global leaders as they attempt to determine the cause of a recent explosion in North Korea and de-escalate tensions between parties.

As Kim Jong-Un attempts to demonstrate the strength of his rule, the international community’s concerns about North Korea’s nuclear program are heightened and events in the simulation have precipitated a crisis that threatens to ignite a regional conflict. Put your students' crisis decision-making skills to the test!

Designed to run in as little as two hours, this is an ideal exercise for a single classroom. Students play the roles of the leaders of China, Japan, North Korea, Russia, South Korea and the United States, while instructors take an active role in sending news updates (pre-loaded) and other messages in this simulation to provide additional realism. A scenario is provided along with a private role sheet to give students additional information about their assigned role's positions and interests. Appropriate for courses in international relations, current events, regional studies, and conflict resolution, among others.

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Technical Requirements

ICONSnet is optimized for display and use on desktop and laptop computers. Participants will need one or more Internet-connected computers or devices, and recent Web browser software. Recommended Web browsers include recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer (version 10 or above).

Note: Users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser are encouraged to upgrade to the most recent version of Internet Explorer (currently IE 11), available on the Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 operating systems. Users of older Microsoft operating systems, e.g., Windows XP, are encouraged to use recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera.

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