How to Select the Best Simulation for Your Course

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Whether you are running a simulation with your own class or running one together with multiple faculty members, choosing the best simulation to fit your needs just got easier! Our Guide to Selecting a Simulation walks you through four key questions to consider when planning for a simulation. The accompanying interactive "Simulation Comparison Matrix" offers a simple way to compare basic information about the 20 simulations in our catalog.

August 2016 Release: International Negotiation in a Complex World, Updated Fourth Edition

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Looking for a text on international negotiation that pairs well with a simulation? International Negotiation in a Complex World, written by Brigid Starkey, Mark Boyer, and Jonathan Wilkenfeld, offers a solid introduction to the complicated arena of international negotiation. A game-board analogy provides the framework for examining international negotiation through a series of case studies. The three authors also have significant experience with ICONS simulations and feature an overview of ICONS in the text's appendix.

Simulation Discount -- ICONS has partnered with the book's publisher, Rowman & Littlefield, to offer a simulation discount to professors using International Negotiation in a Complex World with their courses. For more information on the accompanying discount, visit and click on "Simulation Discount".

Now Available: "Green Trade and the WTO" Simulation

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Challenge students to sharpen their diplomatic and negotiation skills as they seek to provide an alternative to the Doha Round. Students play the part of World Trade Organization country delegations as they negotiate tariffs on environmental goods such as air pollution control and renewable energy. Will developed and developing countries work together to find a path forward for the WTO? Complete with vying interests, high stakes, and a compelling set of issues, this nine-role simulation provides a wealth of engaging learning opportunities for your students.

The "Green Trade and the WTO" simulation is perfect for courses in Global Economics, Political Economy, Trade and Globalization, International Organizations, Negotiation, Diplomacy, and more! Visit the ICONS simulation catalog to request a FREE scenario excerpt and read more about this exciting new simulation.

ICONS Simulation Explores Business and Politics of Global Resources

Lithium in Bolivia

The ICONS Project is pleased to announce the release of "The Resource Curse: Emerging Markets in South America," an online role-play simulation set in Bolivia! Cast as multi-national corporations, government officials, and local citizen groups, participants negotiate a high stakes deal to determine the future of Bolivia's lithium mining industry. Complete with complex stakeholders, unfolding news stories, and compelling actions, this seven-role simulation provides a wealth of engaging learning opportunities for your students. To learn more or request a free scenario excerpt, visit our catalog.

Instructor Tools: Resources for Teaching with Simulations

How can we maximize student learning through simulations? Are simulations an effective teaching tool in language learning courses? What factors contribute to higher levels of student engagement in online simulations? Visit the Simulation Research page of our website for answers to these questions and more, or check out Simulation Stories for first-hand accounts of how teachers have incorporated simulations into their courses.

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