In his seminal work Simulation and Society, John R. Raser wrote that "Simulations... can help us test social science theory at the level where most of that theory has been postulated -- at the level of group process and systems behavior." In 1969 when the book was published, simulation techniques of various kinds were novel outside of the hard sciences. Simulation is now a respected tool in the kit of many social scientists, and ICONS offers insight and partnership for researchers interested in conducting human subject-based simulation research.

ICONS specializes in participant driven simulation, in which the element of human action and decision making is the crucial observable variable in the context of the research. ICONSnet, the Project's online platform, allows participation in simulations from various physical locations, and captures a complete record of all proceedings -- making the researcher's work that much easier. Whether you are observing participant reactions to hypothetical dilemmas, studying patterns of persuasion used in negotiations, or analyzing the impact of networks on behavior, ICONS can help facilitate your research agenda.

If you are interested in working with ICONS on the design or implementation of a basic research project, please contact us.

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