Policymakers have been using simulations for decades to investigate the possible implications of different decisions and explore the dynamics of hypothetical scenarios. ICONS specializes in participant-driven simulation, in which human decision making is the crucial factor in determining the outcome of a scenario. ICONS simulations are particularly valuable for investigating policy dilemmas where uncertainty about key variables, or the possibility for unforeseen actions by decision makers, limits the usefulness of purely quantitative models.

ICONS specializes in simulations which examine crisis decision making and difficult negotiation environments -- however, the Project's simulation developers have designed scenarios to support a variety of highly specialized policy dilemmas for clients. An ICONS policy simulation is completely unique and tailored exactly to the needs of the client. ICONS consults with top issue area experts during the preparation of any policy exercise, and the use of tools like ICONSnet, the Project's online simulation platform, allows for easy and sophisticated examination of the outcomes of any simulation.

ICONS simulations have been used by federal government agencies, the Brookings Institution, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Fletcher School of Diplomacy, the Kennedy School of Government, National Defense University, major Fortune 500 companies, and many others. If you are interested in working with ICONS to support policy research, please contact us.

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Devin Ellis
Policy and Research Program Director
& Lead Simulation Developer

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