"International Relations of Southeast Asia" Simulation

International Relations of Southeast Asia


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  • No pre-set roles; Instructor selects countries from a list
  • Teams of 3 - 5 students per role (recommended)

Length of Simulation:

  • Flexible; Set by instructor

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Free trade expansion, security, public health, and environmental concerns are all under negotiation in this regional simulation, which casts students in the roles of diplomats from Southeast Asian countries. Participants must work together to craft agreements addressing critical issues facing the region.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has achieved rapid regional economic growth; however, it also faces great internal challenges as disparities in wealth and access to basic services continue to raise concern within its member countries. Security and infrastructure deficiencies also leave the region exposed to terrorism, crime, and public health crises. ASEAN is now holding talks with Japan, China, and South Korea with the goal of forming an ASEAN+3 pact to increase global competitiveness. With increasing connections between countries, new cooperative approaches are needed to address the issues that form the agenda for this simulation.

Instructors will be able to select the specific ASEAN+3 countries their students will portray. By default, the simulation includes all 13 countries; however, instructors can request a smaller number of countries. A detailed scenario is provided along with online Research Library resources to aid students in researching their assigned country's positions. This simulation includes an opportunity for students to develop, debate, and vote on specific proposal plans to address the issues in the scenario.

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Technical Requirements

ICONSnet is optimized for display and use on desktop and laptop computers. Participants will need one or more Internet-connected computers or devices, and recent Web browser software. Recommended Web browsers include recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer (version 10 or above).

Note: Users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser are encouraged to upgrade to the most recent version of Internet Explorer (currently IE 11), available on the Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 operating systems. Users of older Microsoft operating systems, e.g., Windows XP, are encouraged to use recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera.

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