Simulation Story #3

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A professor from Centre College describes his experience with the International Relations of Southeast Asia simulation.

Why I use the International Relations of Southeast Asia simulation:
I've used it before. It is complete, an easy web interface, and provides useful guidance for classroom learning.

How ICONS connects with my course:
An introduction to international relations class. I used it at the end of the class to apply various lessons learned in course material to a 'real world' exercise.

Time I allot to each phase of the simulation (preparation, online negotiation, debrief):
Preparation entailed several out-of-class sessions. We devoted three class days over two weeks to the simulation, and one for debriefing.

Instructor and student roles during the simulation:
I reviewed messages and provided "news" updates, acted as SIMCON, and provided advice (sparingly, though when needed). Students were expected to engage in negotiation throughout.

Learning objectives and assessment:
Basically to get acquainted with the region's international politics, to develop negotiation skills, and to understand the complexities of forging shared solutions to complex and interrelated problems.

My advice for instructors preparing to participate in an ICONS simulation for the first time:
Participate in a shared [distributed] simulation first, with ICONS staff serving as SIMCON, and observe closely the process online.

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