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Coalition of the International Criminal Court
The CICC is a network of over 2,000 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) advocating for a fair, effective and independent International Criminal Court (ICC). Offers publications, documents, background information, and country information.
Last Updated: Jan 06, 2009

Commonwealth and International Human Rights Case Law Databases
Index of cases related to human rights violations tried in domestic or international courts.
Last Updated: Mar 08, 2011

Human Rights Watch website on the International Criminal Court with a question and answer section and information on constitutional compatibility, implementation, and U.S. non-involvement.
Last Updated: Mar 08, 2011

International Human Rights Standards for Law Enforcement
U.N. commissioned document distributed to those who would help to enforce human rights laws. It details the legal and professional conduct that police should abide by when recognizing and addressing human rights violations.
Last Updated: Mar 08, 2011

Options for Prosecuting International Terrorists (USIP Report)
Written in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, this study by David Scheffer, a senior fellow at the United States Institute of Peace and formerly U.S. ambassador at large for war crimes issues, offers an analysis of the legal issues associated with international terrorism and the people who commit such acts.
Last Updated: Mar 08, 2011

Project on International Courts and Tribunals
PICT the only internationally based effort to address, with a comprehensive and holistic approach, all existing international courts and tribunals. Research information is available on the work of international courts and tribunals in developing countries and economies-in-transition.
Last Updated: Mar 08, 2011

U.S. State Department Office of War Crimes Issues
Provides information on various war crimes by country and the United States’ involvement in investigating war crimes and prosecuting responsible parties.
Last Updated: Mar 08, 2011

University of Kent (UK) Human Rights Resources
List of links to human rights resources, including information on minorities, human rights courts, international criminal law, and human rights journals & organizations.
Last Updated: Jun 20, 2007

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