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The ICONS Research Library is designed to help students prepare for their participation in the ICONS' internationally-focused simulations. In particular, these resources are intended to increase participants' familiarity with their assigned countries or roles, as well as the issues over which they will be negotiating. Students conducting research on a particular country or international issue for other assignments may also find these resources helpful.

Basic political, economic, statistical information and relevant internet resources on countries represented in ICONS simulations, sorted by region.

Statistics (country-by-country comparisons)
An interactive feature for comparing countries on a number of measures, including population, life expectancy, literacy, gross domestic product, military spending, etc.

Issue Areas
Web-based resources on the issues, institutions, and organizations highlighted in many ICONS simulations.

Definitions of terms frequently used in ICONS simulations.

Reminder: When using the Internet, carefully evaluate all sources.

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