Registration | How It Works

Registering for a simulation with ICONS is easy!

Browse our catalog and determine which simulation you would like to use. If you have questions about our simulations prior to registration, visit our FAQs or contact the ICONS Project staff and we'll be happy to assist you.

When you're ready, register for the simulation at Register Now.

Below is an overview of the registration process:

  1. Register online to use an ICONS simulation with your course or education program. During registration you will be asked to:
    • Select a Simulation -- Choose from one of the simulations featured in our online catalog.
    • Indicate an Estimated Start Date -- The simulation will be available online for a 30-day period from your estimated start date (time extensions available by request).
    • State the Estimated Number of Students -- Provide your best estimate. If your actual total is larger than your estimate, you can purchase additional student login accounts at a later date.
    • Provide Contact Information -- You will complete a form with your name, email address, phone number, school name, and a mailing or billing address.
    • Select a Payment Method -- You can choose between two payment options: student pay or instructor pay. See pricing for details.
  2. After registration, you will receive:
    • Registration Confirmation -- Sent to you by email immediately after registration.
    • Instructor Access Information -- Sent by email when ICONS sets up your password-protected simulation. This email will include an instructor login account for use in the simulation and the Faculty Area. The Faculty Area of the ICONS website contains a facilitator guide and a variety of instructional resources relevant to your simulation.
    • Student Account Instructions -- Sent by email to you when ICONS sets up your simulation. These instructions describe how students can create their individual passwords to enter the simulation. You will need to distribute these important simulation access instructions to your students. (If you chose the student pay option, these instructions will also explain how to direct students to the online payment center in order to purchase their individual access information.)
  3. Now you're ready to jump into your password-protected simulation and begin the active learning exercise. Remember to plan for all three simulation phases: preparation, negotiation, and debrief. If you have any questions, ICONS staff is happy to provide assistance.
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