Negotiating Domestic Politics and Intrastate Conflicts

riot policemanThe issues that have to be negotiated within a country vary widely from the "not in my backyard" local political disputes to deep struggles about identity and the distribution of power and wealth within a society or government. Interest groups with various degrees of organization and cohesion push for their desired outcomes using the levers available through the domestic political and legal systems — and sometimes escalate contentious politics into intrastate conflicts that use sustained campaigns of violence to achieve their aims. In addition, international actors, e.g., advocacy groups, corporations, other countries, or regional organizations, sometimes become involved to limit the spillover effects from these domestic conflicts to their interests.

angry demonstratorsTeach Community Negotiation Skills through Simulations!

We highlight the ICONS negotiation simulations below that enable students to experience the challenges of bargaining across widely divergent interests and identities and to test their skills in building a coalition of support for a policy or position that affects a specific community. You can also explore the full ICONS catalog with all 20 available simulations.

Featured Simulations:

Trash Trouble:  Development Politics in St. AnnLocal Politics in a Developing Nation – Overflowing landfills and crumbling infrastructure mix with ethnic tension on this small Caribbean island to create a messy situation for local and national government and interest groups to resolve. Read more about "Trash Trouble: Development Politics in St. Ann," a domestic politics negotiation simulation.

Northern Ireland: Contested GroundInvestment in a Divided Community – Following decades of intercommunal tensions and violence, members of a sharply divided society seek to overcome their rivalries and distrust to build a training center that can revitalize their local economy. Read more about "Northern Ireland: Contested Ground", a contentious politics negotiation simulation.

Globalization and Nigerian OilPolitical Instability in a Developing Nation – Oil drilling in the Niger Delta makes for explosive politics as the Nigerian government and domestic actors like the military and local ethnic and civil society groups must come together with international organizations and multi-national corporations to find a viable balance between the economic pressures, security concerns, and environmental impacts within the region. Read more about "Globalization and Nigerian Oil", an intrastate conflict negotiation simulation.

Crisis in ValleytonEmergency Planning in the U.S. – As a crumbling dam threatens to destroy a town, authorities at four different levels of government in the United States must work with the town's residents to develop a common plan of action. Read more about "Crisis in Valleyton", an emergency management negotiation simulation.

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