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ICONSnet is our Web-based simulation software. It was developed in-house specifically to support online negotiations and activities.

ICONSnet's Features

Each ICONS simulation utilizes a selection of online tools within ICONSnet. The combination of tools depends on the particular simulation. Visit the catalog for a list of tools included in a specific simulation.

The descriptions below represent some of the tools featured in ICONSnet:

  • Resources -- Every ICONS simulation includes a custom-built Resources area stocked with all relevant simulation materials, including a scenario document with background information on the issues and participants involved. Some simulations also provide detailed role sheets while others require significant student research using the ICONS online Research Library.
  • Messages -- Every ICONS simulation utilizes this communication feature, similar to an email system, where participants engage in dialogue with each other in an effort to make progress on the issues they face in the simulation. Our Messages tool allows all communication between teams to take place "in character".
  • My Team -- Every ICONS simulation features an intra-team communication tool called My Team to aid in a team's planning and organization activities throughout the simulation
  • Conferences -- Some of our simulations include this real-time communication feature which allows the instructor to schedule blocks of time for synchronous, real-time online discussion of a specific topic within the simulation. This tool shares some similarities with an instant messaging or chat system.
  • Proposal Center -- Many of our simulations feature a Proposal Center, an area for participants to craft, review, sponsor, and vote on proposal plans which they design to address the issues presented in the simulation scenario.
  • Actions -- The Actions feature is available in some of our simulations. Actions are acts that a team can take unilaterally within the simulation. Using actions can alter the group relationships and influence the negotiation atmosphere. Taking an action triggers an alert to all participants informing them of the action taken, and sometimes, describing the consequence of the move.
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